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All orders are processed in one working day (not including public holidays and weekends) after you get a confirmation email from us.

What is the shipping cost?

Due to current circumstances the deliveries are restricted to the UK territory only. The shipping cost are nil, as the consumers enjoy a Free-UK delivery.


Can I return or exchange my order?

Yes. You can return the products if you are not satisfied with them. We only accept returns of unused and undamaged products within 10 days from purchase for an exchange or refund. Please refer to our Return&Refund Policy in the website footer

First, you have to email us at hello@zamolxes.com to initiate your return or exchange request. Please include proof of purchase and the reason for the return/exchange. We will process your request and get in touch with you within two days.

Once the returned product has been received and examined, you will receive a notification to tell you whether your refund request is rejected or approved.

If the item is in its original condition and is unused, we will give you a full refund. If your refund request has been accepted, then the credit will be transferred to your account.

Your money will be refunded to the credit card you originally paid with. Please allow seven to fourteen days after the approval of your refund request to receive the full refund. It depends on the processing time of the banks and card processors.

If you haven’t received a refund after fourteen days of refund request approval, please get in touch with us at hello@zamolxes.com


The smartwatch is IP68-rated and can be worn in rain or when you are washing hands or swimming under the IP68 rating grade(smartwatch is protected under immersion up to 1.5 meters in depth.)
However, do not wear it when taking a shower with warm water or having a sauna because it is not steam-proof. 

 You can’t swim with Z38smartwatch, but you can kayak, paddleboard, run in the rain. 


Please note: Damage caused by liquid penetration in the equipment is not covered by the warranty if the equipment is used in non-suitable scenarios.

Connect the smartwatch to your smartphone: Download the ‘Fundo’ APP onto your smartphone and install it. There are two ways to do this as below.
A. IOS or Android smartphone user: Use your smartphone browser to scan the QR code from either the instruction manual or the retail box label.
B. Android smartphone user: Search ‘Fundo’ in the  Google play Application and download it; Apple smartphone user: Search ‘Fundo’ in the App Store and download it.
Choose ‘Agree’ for each permission prompt during the installation of the APP. The smartwatch can realize all of its functions after connected via both Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0.
Connection of Bluetooth 4.0: After the APP is installed, start it and enable the smartphone
Bluetooth. The APP will then give a prompt to enable notification. Click ‘OK’. Click ‘More’ at the lower right to enter the device adding page. On the time interface, swipe down the status bar, click the Bluetooth icon to enable Bluetooth. Search the smartwatch and click ‘Connect’ on your smartphone.
For some Android smartphones, the watch’s name can be searched after the GPS is enabled.

Connection of Bluetooth 3.0: Enter the main menu of the smartwatch, search the desired Bluetooth device name under the ‘Bluetooth’ menu, choose ‘Enable Bluetooth’, click the desired smartphone
Bluetooth, click ‘OK’ on the prompt of Bluetooth connection and click ‘Agree’ for prompt about each smartphone permission.
Check Bluetooth connection: If the Bluetooth symbol in the pull-down menu is green, it means that
Bluetooth 4.0 has been connected; if it is blue, it means that Bluetooth 3.0 has been connected; if it is blue in the upper part and green in the lower part, it indicates that both Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 have been connected.

On your smartphone, enter ‘Setting’, ‘Application management’, ‘Fundo’, and ‘Permission management’ sequentially and enable all the permissions there. After that, enter ‘Notification management’ and ‘Fundo’ sequentially and enable all the permissions there. Start ‘Fundo’, choose ‘More’, ‘Application push notification’ and ‘Enable run on background’ sequentially, enter the application management and choose ‘Unrestricted. Click ‘Back’.
There will be a prompt about enabling automatic start again. Enable automatic start. Click ‘Back’ and choose the APPs that you want to have a synchronous notification, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. For some smartphones, ‘Fundo’ needs to be added to the power saving whitelist to avoid being killed on the background when the smartphone battery is low.
Solution for the failure of notification: The notification of the smartwatch is synchronous with that on your smartphone (this applies to notifications about messages, incoming calls, QQ messages or
WeChat messages). Therefore, if there is no such notifications on your smartphone, there will be no such notifications on your smartwatch. The solution is entering ‘Setting’ and ‘Notification’ on your smartphone, finding out the corresponding APPs, and enabling their notification.
Troubleshooting: Different smartphones may result in an unstable Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the smartwatch. To
solve this problem, disable and enable the Bluetooth of your smartphone, or restore the
defaults of the smartwatch. If the smartwatch has crashed, press its power button to restart it

● Message: For synchronizing the messages on your smartphone (not applicable to IOS smartphones)
● Phone book: For synchronizing the contacts on your smartphone
● Call history: For synchronizing the call history on your smartphone
● Dial: For connecting with your smartphone to make phone calls from the smartwatch
● Exercise: Click to enter the multi-exercise mode, choose an exercise, and click on the screen to start exercising. For each exercise, there are data about duration, calorie consumption, step number,etc. When you want to pause or stop the exercise, click on the screen and choose correspondingly.
● Pedometer: It records your step number, calorie consumption, and walking distance of each day. At 12 o’clock each night, it saves the data of that day and resets. Swipe up on the screen to enter the page with options including ‘Status’ (including ‘Enable’ and ‘Disable’), ‘Previous Records’ (including
the local previous records of the previous days), ‘Goal’ (for setting the step number of each day) and ‘Personal information’ (for entering your gender, height, weight and other information for more accurate exercise data).
● Electrocardiogram: With help of the optical heart rate technology, the smartwatch can get your electrocardiogram about tens of seconds later. After the measurement, the letters ‘ToAPP’ will appear on the screen and the electrocardiogram will be saved on the ‘Fundo’ APP on your smartphone. You can share your electrocardiograms with others for purpose of reference.
● Heart rate monitoring: Make the smartwatch fit the wrist well. It would be best to wear it at the wrist bone’s part close to the arm to get your real-time heart rate (usually 80 to 90 times per minute). After the start symbol at the lowest position is clicked, the smartwatch will begin to display
‘Measuring…’ and get your heart rate about 20 seconds later. Swipe down on the screen to enter the
page with options to view the previous heart rates.

● Blood pressure: When in blood pressure measurement, put one of your arms flatwise. The smartwatch can get your blood pressure about 48 seconds later. 
● Sleep monitoring: The smartwatch records the duration and quality of your sleep from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. to help you adjust your work time and rest time to improve your sleep quality. Swipe up on the screen to enter the page with options including ‘Status’ (including ‘Enable’ and ‘Disable’), ‘Previous Records’ (including the deep sleep duration and the light sleep duration) and ‘Help’ (containing detailed directions for use).
● Excessive sitting reminding: You can set a maximum sitting duration for the smartwatch to sound
to remind you automatically upon the maximum sitting duration.
● Blood oxygen monitoring: Press ‘OK’ to enter the blood oxygen monitoring page. Blood oxygen
(SPO2H) refers to the oxygen in one’s blood (usually 94% to 99%).
● Notification: You can view your messages and in time through this function after connecting the smartwatch with the ‘Fundo’ APP on your smartphone.
● Music play through Bluetooth: The smartwatch can play music on your smartphone.
● Photographing through Bluetooth: When your smartphone is not locked, the smartwatch will
enter the mode of photographing through Bluetooth and your smartphone will enter the
photographing page. Click the smartwatch to take pictures. The pictures taken will be saved on your smartphone.
● Bluetooth: It is for searching for a device to be connected or disconnecting a device that has been connected.
● Theme: There are two standby backgrounds to choose from.
● Calendar: It is for calendar display.
● Alarm: You can set five alarms or long-press the screen to delete an alarm.
● Stopwatch: It is for timekeeping of one or multiple times.
● Counter: It is for simple calculation.
● QR code: There is a QR code. You can download the ‘Fundo’ APP by using the ‘Scan’ function with help of your smartphone browser.

Z43-hyperboloid 1.78 inch screen.
The large, curved screen gives this sports smartwatch a one-of-a-kind feel and an exquisite appearance.

Bind APP

1 Scan the QR code to download it either from the instruction manual or the retail box label.

2 Search from the application market to download

Android side:

Search FitcloudPro in the app market such as app treasure, pea pod, and Google play to download

IOS side:

Search for FitcloudPro in the APP Store to download

3 Bind the Bluetooth

3.1Not connected state: 

After the smartwatch is power on, the Bluetooth is always in the searched state. After opening the APK/APP, go to Device>Add Device>Click Start Search, select and click the corresponding name of the smartwatch device to bind the smartwatch to the app successfully.

Watch time synchronization: The smartwatch is successfully bound to the app. Click to synchronize the time and time format of the smartwatch and the phone.

3.3 Search device

The smartwatch is successfully bound to the APP, click to find the smartwatch on the APP, and the smartwatch will vibrate once.

3.4 Data synchronization

The smartwatch is successfully bound to the APP, and the health data of the smartwatch can be synchronized to the APP; when you open sleep, and steps, you can successfully click to select the date. Click the icon in the upper right corner to successfully share the current interface data to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Swipe up on the standby interface to open the push message interface. Smartwatch binds the APP. Under the premise of opening notification authority, new messages in the notification bar of the mobile phone will be pushed to the smartwatch. A total of 15 messages can be saved, and the messages received after 15 messages will be overwritten one by one.

 Pull-down menu

Swipe down to the standby interface to open the Pull-down menu

The first icon turn on/off the do not disturb mode

The second icon turn on/off the power-saving mode

The third icon, turn on/off the Bluetooth call

The fourth icon, adjust the brightness

The fifth icon, setting the accelerator function

The sixth icon, find the phone

Swipe from right to left, click the icon to view the Bluetooth name and version details

Swipe from right to left, click the second icon to quick to power off


The pedometer is turned on by default, the interface displays the current steps of the smartwatch, and the data is cleared at 12 o’clock a.m.


Sleep monitoring time: 9 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. the next day. After the smartwatch generates data and exits sleep monitoring, the sleep data of the smartwatch will be synchronized to the APP with bind the APP.



Sports mode(walking、running、climbing、basketball、cycling, etc)

 Select the corresponding exercise mode, tap the screen to enter the countdown 3,2 1 to enter the corresponding exercise mode directly; swipe right to the screen will jump to the end exercise interface, click to end exercise and save the data.

 When the distance is larger than 200 meters or the exercise time is larger than 5 minutes, the sports data can be saved; when the sport save is less than this condition, it will prompt ”too little data to save” (Multi-sport sports data can save the current interface only, after quit, the sports data can only save step data)

Heart rate

Put the smartwatch on your (left/right) wrist correctly, enter the heart rate menu, you can measure the heart rate in a single time, the data will be output in 15 seconds, the data will be stable in about 30 seconds, the test will stop in 45 seconds, and the heart rate light will turn off after 2 seconds.

Blood Pressure

Wear the smartwatch correctly on your left/right wrist, enter the blood pressure menu, and you can measure blood pressure for a single time.

Blood oxygen

Wear the smartwatch correctly on your left/right wrist, enter the blood oxygen menu, and you can measure blood oxygen for a single time.


Wear the smartwatch correctly on your left/right wrist, enter the ECG menu, and you can measure ECG for a single time. The data will be saved on the APP.


1)Call record: can save the connected phone’s call records(Up to 10 call records can be saved, when 10 records are full, it will be overwritten one by one. Click any call record to call back)

2) Frequent contact: Connect the APP, and select the frequently contacts to add on APP(Up to add 10 contacts)

3) Telephone dial: Enter the phone number to make a call after connecting the APP.

4) Call Bluetooth, half an hour is not used will automatically close, use again, Bluetooth will automatically connect

Local Bluetooth music

Download the songs to the smartwatch through the data cable, enter the music interface and click to play the music. Can switch the song and adjust the volume.  The speaker sound appears on the smartwatch (Don’t need to connect APP and bluetooth call) 

Only MP3 format is supported for songs, only standard quality music playback is supported

Remote music

After the APP Bluetooth is connected, the smartwatch music interface is adjusted to “phone mode”, which can control the phone music. start/pause/previous/next, the speaker sound appears on the phone(don’t need to connect the Bluetooth call)

Please refer to the Z43 smartwatch model, as it shares the same application FITCLOUDPRO.

 Sports mode (walking, running, climbing, basketball, badminton,etc)

 Select the corresponding sport mode, click the screen, enter the countdown 3, 2, 1 to enter the corresponding sport mode; swipe the screen to the right to jump to the end of the sport interface, click “□” to end the sport and save the data

When the distance is greater than 200 meters or the exercise time is greater than 5 minutes, you can save the exercise data; when it is less than this condition, the end of the exercise save will pop up a prompt box: “The data is too little to save” (Various sports data can only be saved in the current interface; after exiting, sports data can only save step data)

Heart rate

Put the watch on the wrist (left hand / right hand) correctly, enter the heart rate menu to measure the heart rate value. The test takes 45 seconds. The heart rate light turned off after 3 seconds after the test is finished.

Blood pressure

Put the watch on the wrist (left hand / right hand) correctly, enter the blood pressure menu, start measuring and obtain a single blood pressure value.

Blood oxygen

Put the watch on the wrist (left hand / right hand) correctly, enter the blood oxygen menu, start measuring and obtain a single blood oxygen value.


After connecting to the APP, enter the “ECG” interface in the APP, click the watch to enter the “ECG” function, wear the watch to your wrist, click “Start Measurement” in the APP and wait for 30S to measure the data.

Bluetooth music

Android: After the watch is connected to the mobile phone APP, turn on the music player of the mobile phone, you can control the music play / pause, increase and decrease the volume and switch songs on the watch;

iOS: The watch is bound to the APP, turn on the mobile music player, the watch can control music playback / pause, increase and decrease the volume, and switch songs.

Z89 smartwatch a sleeky, sporty designed smartwatch.
Z89 smartwatch a sleeky, sporty designed smartwatch.

Scan the QR code from either the instruction manual or the retail box or enter into various large application markets to download and install ” TEFITI” .Device requirement: iOS9.0 and above; Android 4.4 and above to support bluetooth 5.0 .Android 6.0 and above devices need to be turned on to use the GPS.

When being used for the first time, it is necessary to connect APP for alignment After successful connection, wristband will self-synchronize time, or otherwise, step calculation and sleep data won’t be accurate.

Bluetooth connection: after successfully matching, APP will automatically save the wristband bluetooth address. When APP is opened or operated in background, it will automatically search and link with the wristband.

Data Synchronism: manually pull down the synchronization data on the APP home page; the bracelet can store off-line data for 7 days, the more data, the longer the synchronization time is, and the longest time is about 2 minutes.

Personal information and exercise goals After entering into APP, please first set up personal information.

Me… Click avatar

  • Head portrait, gender, age, height and weight can be set up and personal information can enhance accuracy of data.
  • Customize personal everyday exercise goals. A reasonable exercise plan is helpful for promoting body quality .

The wristband has multiple main interfaces and the interface can be switched after click on the main interface. After the first pairing of APP, the wristband will synchronize the time, date and week of the cell phone.

Switch to the interface to see the current number of steps, distances and calories. The distance and calories are calculated and displayed on the basis of the current walking steps and the height and weight set by the APP individual.

Sports interface

Switch to the interface, dick the screen to enter into the specific sports interface, including rope skipping, swimming, riding, ping-pong, tennis, badminton such six modes, slide the screen then enter the specific sports interface.

Heart rate interface

Switch to the heart rate interface, click the screen to enter the heart rate detection. After the test is completed, press side button to exit the heart rate detection. You can also connect to the mobile phone App, in the heart rate

interface , If the watch is not worn correctly or failed, the final failure interface will be displayed. Under the heart rate detection mode, the duration of the watch will be reduced.

Heart rate test note:

  • When the test, the icon will beat and the back heart rate of the hand ring

LED lights will be lit;

  • When testing, the sensor should stick to the skin to avoid the influence of external light on the accuracy of the test

To keep the test area clean, sweat or stains will affect the test results.

Blood pressure interface

Switch to the blood pressure interface, click the screen to start testing blood pressure. Once blood pressure test completed press side button to exit the blood pressure mode. If test start it will show the results of the last test or •-/-• when the results are not measured; also you can connect to the phone App, in the blood pressure interface once the test stop, test result same as above.

Information interface

In the message interface, click the main screen to view the message, slide the screen to turnover the pages. Press the side button to exit the interface.

Settings interface

You can enter the sub menu by click on the related interface, and then perform and operate more related functions.

Brightness adjustment: Click the main screen to adjust different brightness, there are the 4 levels that you can click to choose from.

Find the phone: In the connection state, click the screen to interact of find the mobile phone, the phone will ring out to remind.

Version information: Under the About interface, you can view the firmware version number and Bluetooth address of the watch.

Restore settings: long press on the restore interface, and all the record data will be erased, and the APP data will be cleared that day (therest of the

historical data will remain).

Shutdown: The interface can be shut down after you click the interface menu and the wristband will vibrate.

Sleep detection function

When you fall asleep, the wristband will automatically determine the sleep monitoring mode, automatically detect your deep sleep/ shallow sleep/ wakefulness time, calculate your sleep quality, and sleep data temporarily support APP only.

Reminder Functions

Call reminder: when the caller calls, the ring will shake and the name or number of the caller is displayed. {if the caller’s name has been saved in the phone address book, the name is displayed, otherwise the number is displayed)

Message reminder: when a text message arrives, the wristband will vibrate and display the SMS icon reminder; the address message of the address book contact person displays the name, and the short message number of the stranger.

Alarm clock reminder : it can set up three alarm clocks, and will synchronize to the bracelet after setting up. The intelligent alarm clock is a silent alarm clock.

When the alarm is on, the bracelet will cause moderate vibration, and support the offline alarm clock reminder.

Other reminders: when receiving email or other information, the wristband vibrates and displays other reminder icons. Click to see the content.

Definitely YES, however, be cautious and avoid long-term use.

* Although the smartwatch is IP68 grade rated(smartwatch is protected under immersion up to 1.5 meters in depth for up to 30 minutes) and has a laminated display, however, the rating does not take into account the water pressure exerted on the smartwatch, therefore, restrict your swimming sessions to shallow waters.

**Please note: Damage caused by liquid penetration in the equipment is not covered by the warranty should the equipment is used in non-suitable scenarios.



Warranty on ZAMOLXES Wearables:

We warranty all our watches against any defects in materials or manufacturing for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. 

From the date of purchase, the motherboard is guaranteed for one year. Battery and charger are guaranteed for half year.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects on the smartwatch itself (motherboard, battery, charger). Other parts than the above are not covered by this warranty.

Man-made damages are not included in the warranty. The damages include but are not limited to:

1).Failure caused by disassembling the device and modifying the watch without authorization.

2).Failure caused by accidental drop during use.

3).Any man-made damage or misuse or misuse by a third party (such as: water in the watch, external force cracking, scratches or damage to peripheral parts, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.

To have replacement covered under this warranty performed, please reach out to us at hello@zamolxes.com.

Please note that repair/replacements will be charged in the following cases, even during the warranty term.

– Failure or damage caused by improper use or carelessness (knocks, dents, crushing, broken screen, etc.)
– Failure or damage caused by unjustifiable repair or modification
– Failure or damage caused by fire or water.
– Aesthetic changes that occur during normal wear and tear and aging (minor scratches, etc.; on the case and/or smartwatch screen, alteration of the color on the wristband)
– In case that no proof of purchase is available.
– Battery replacement will be charged even during the warranty term.

This warranty warrants that you can receive free replacement in accordance with the terms set forth herein and within the specified term, and shall not restrict any lawful right of the Customer.

To submit a warranty claim please email us at hello@zamolxes.com.